Friday, September 25, 2009

Milk intake increases cholesterol in blood

Milk intake increases cholesterol in blood

Can Milk Cause High Blood Pressure ?
The undigested fats in the milk have a tendency to enter the blood stream in the form of cholesterol. The cholesterol content in blood reacts with minerals like chlorine, which may be present in your drinking water, and get converted into a gummy byproduct which sticks on to the inner linings of your arteries as plague.

Increase in Cholesterol levels results in High Blood Pressure

The increase of plague along the inner linings would lead to the narrowing of the arteries, it also results in the hardening of the tissues which the arteries are made up of. This reduction in the elasticity and the narrowing of the arteries leads to increase in blood pressure because the heart has to pump blood at a higher pressure to send them through the defective arteries.

In fact the consumption of diary products like butter and cheese have the same result. Most people who take a diet rich in butter and cheese have a tendency to develop clogged arteries which results in high blood pressure and heart attacks. Diary products like cheese and butter are concentrated forms of milk and essentially have the same elements as present in milk.

If you must drink milk, have it in minimum quantities and avoid homogenized milk if possible.
Can milk cause high blood pressure ?


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